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About Production

●Automated production

Our factory has automatic production equipment, precise production technology, relatively stable product structure and technology, and ensures uniform specifications of processed parts to achieve the production goal of "stable, accurate and fast".

Ensures your healthy life 

Our products are made of food-grade material ABS plastic without BPA, thus guaranteeing the food safety of every customer.

Suction base quality inspection

There are workers testing the quality of each suction cup, which can withstand a force of 20kg or more.

Assembly line

During the installation process, the production workers assemble the parts one by one, and then they can observe whether there is any problem with the appearance of the product.

Product testing

Carry out use test spot checks on the assembled products to check whether the rotation is smooth, whether the blade is sharp, and whether the use effect meets the requirements.

Packaging and stamping qualified parts

Products that have passed the inspection will be stamped with a qualified seal and packed for delivery.



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