Are you still worried about uneven bread cutting? – Geedel

Are you still worried about uneven bread cutting?

The Geedel bread slicer offers a convenient way to get even slices quickly and easily by simply slicing with a knife, suitable for bread to bagels to any pastries. It can cut to the thickness you need. Perfect for preparing your family's breakfast or baking with your friends!


When you buy or make a whole piece of toast at home, hand-torn toast is ugly and unhygienic, you can use our bread slicer to help you slice it quickly and evenly, so that you can better share your toast with family and friends. Sliced toast can be better baked in a bread machine, and the toasted toast is more fragrant and more suitable for spreading cheese, jam and making sandwiches.


Now more and more people like a low-sugar and low-fat healthy diet, so bagels have become one of the most popular breakfasts for young people. When you want to add fried eggs or bacon to a bagel, you need to cut the bagel in half. Our bread slicer is better and safer to help you cut it evenly. After cutting, you can bake it for a few seconds and add a variety of your favorite foods to become a delicious brunch.

English Muffin 

When you buy whole-grain low-fat muffin bread outside and want to make burgers, Geedel bread slicer can help you quickly cut out the bread embryos, bake the muffin bread for a minute, and then add cheese sausage and eggs to finish it off. You can get a hamburger breakfast comparable to fast food restaurants outside.

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