Haven't found any useful kitchen gadgets yet? – Geedel

Haven't found any useful kitchen gadgets yet?

We have several choppers here to meet your different needs, These manual food processors are made of food grade plastic without BPA, which ensures your food safety. No electricity required. Blades are made of 420 stainless steel for effortless chopping, helping you reduce food prep time.


Geedel hand food chopper

This food chopper has a handle. When you use it, you only need to put the ingredients in and rotate the handle then everything will be done in seconds. This food chopper is also equipped with liquid whisking and vegetable washing basket. With this multipurpose chopper, you can chop and mix foods, wash salad and make homemade butter, perfect for onion, garlic, boneless meat, smoothies, veggies, pesto, nuts, egg liquid and more. The 3 in 1 multi-functional usage can meet your different needs in different occasions.

Classic slap food chopper

The onion dicer is equipped with a premium sharper stainless steel blade for even chopping of ingredients faster and easier. It can help you prepare food more easily and reduce your prep time. The onion chopper is ideal for onions, garlic, nuts, cilantro, vegetables, hard boiled eggs, small salads, tuna, pizza toppings, cookies for ice cream toppings and more. A necessary kitchen gadget for quick snacks and seasonings!

Slap food chopper latest design

Upgraded soft touch cover, making pressing more comfortable. What's more, the onion chopper adds srcaper, keeping food off sides and scraping off the residue, reducing waste and keeping the kitchen mess-free. Besides, this slap chopper protects you from being hurt by the blade when using it. This chopper is also suitable for quick processing of a small amount of food.

Pull food chopper (2 cup)

The food chopper is perfect for chopping onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, boneless meat, baby food and more. The blade of this food chopper is very sharp, which can help you quickly chop fruits and vegetables, even nuts and meat, and can also be used for short-term storage after chopping. If you want to save time on food prep, easy to carry, suitable for road trips or camping, Geedel Mini Pull food chopper is your best choice.


Pull food chopper (2.5 cup)

Geedel hand food chopper can chop fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies or sauces. Just get everything done with several pulls, 1-5 times for food roughly, 6-10 for medium, 11-20 for fine and 20+ for extra fine or liquid purees. Compared with the previous one, this pull food chopper obviously has a larger capacity, which is suitable for making some large dishes and can be quickly chop. 2.5 cup (600 ml) capacity, larger than other electric food choppers. 

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